We declare our facility a 'judgment free' zone.
Come as you are. Work at your pace.


Personal Training
Personal Training

When small group trainings are not an option!

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Personal training is great for weight loss, learning or re-learning how to move well, strength or skill based growth – like Kettlebell or Kickboxing.  Maybe you are embarrassed easily (this is how I started!) or feel you need to be brought ‘up-to-speed’ before joining a group. Maybe the available Small Group Trainings don’t work for your schedule…. doesn’t matter.  I am happy to work 1 on 1 to help get you the results you are looking for.

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Trainings follow a ‘non-linear’ periodized schedule.  What does that mean?  It means that no matter what schedule you are on, from every day to every Tuesday and Thursday, you are assured to get something different and well rounded for your every day fitness!  Periodization takes into account different training styles and cycles.  I work on 4-week periods with periodization micro-cycles within each week!


Details + Schedule

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Sustainability – the key to everything

HI!!!  You’re back!  That’s awesome.  Don’t worry about your hardcore “I am the master of EVERYTHING”  friends or your “I really just need to be told what to do” friends who didn’t make it to round two (this post).  If they are happy where they’re at, that’s super cool!  If you haven’t found that place of happiness with where you are… let’s keep going.

We need simple guidelines, a little knowledge and a “gosh darn it, I like myself” attitude.

I am going to break these down for you, in order of importance. Read More

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Twice the Calories. Half the Time.

Kettlebell training gives you LOTS of bang for your buck - or, if you prefer, calorie burn and strength for time spent! Kettlebell is a preferred cross training method for many athletes. As with any skill, practice brings mastery. Come swing with us!

Judgement Free Zone

We declare our facility a 'judgment free' zone. Come as you are. Work at your pace. Maybe you haven't 'moved' in years, or you are coming back from an injury or illness. Maybe you're an athlete looking for MORE. We want you to know we don't care where you are... we just want to help you get where you want to go.


Not sure what you want or even need? Call for an appointment and we can help you decide whether or not we are the place for you.