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We declare our facility a 'judgment free' zone.
Come as you are. Work at your pace.


Small Group Training
Small Group Training

We are a kettlebell gym, so you can expect some kettlebell in pretty much every class (except kickboxing & Volee). If you are unsure of your hardstyle kettlebell come to a beginner class first.  Each 1/2 hour is different and classes booked back to back have specific programming flow, so you can stay for more than one class if you like and not worry about doing the same thing twice!

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Volee Method
Volee Method

Volee is an exciting, new exercise modality that innovatively fuses suspension , pilates, yoga and barre movement. It’s a challenging blend of isometric exercises and flexibility challenges with the added dimension of bracing your body in the air with the aid of straps. 1 hour ALL NEW Volee class!  Volee has been described as “TRX meets Barre”.  The creators of this suspension strap format have strong backgrounds in TRX, Barre, Pilates and Ballet.  This is no dance class and rest assured your core

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Center-Fit Blog

New 6-week “Get It Together” Program!


Center-Fit is proud to announce a partnership with Spark Fitness Culture in Sandwich, Il!  Jake and I (Beth) have been “power buddies” for years and have finally decided to team up!  We created a 6-week ‘on-boarding’ process that is designed for just-where-you-are-at in your health journey!

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What’s in a name? New class names!

No worries, the classes you attend and love and even the ones you DON’T attend are staying the same!  We have just changed the names of many of our classes to “Small Group Training”.  This better describes what it is we do and we’ve found that most or our members show up because that time frame works for them rather than because this or that style of class appeals to them.  Read More

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Twice the Calories. Half the Time.

Kettlebell training gives you LOTS of bang for your buck - or, if you prefer, calorie burn and strength for time spent! Kettlebell is a preferred cross training method for many athletes. As with any skill, practice brings mastery. Come swing with us!

Judgement Free Zone

We declare our facility a 'judgment free' zone. Come as you are. Work at your pace. Maybe you haven't 'moved' in years, or you are coming back from an injury or illness. Maybe you are an athlete looking for MORE. We want you to know we don't care where you are... we just want to help you get where you want to go.


Not sure what you want or even need? Call for an appointment and we can help you decide whether or not we are the place for you.