Be your own hero! Start personal training today.

You don’t have to be a prisoner of your body! Too much sitting, food and stress topped with too little focus on health doesn’t HAVE to be your story. You don’t need to be the jealous one, the frustrated one, the one wondering how to escape your overweight, weak and achy body.

I can help.


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Personal training / small group training will improve your:

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Balance
  • Cardio
  • Weight loss
  • Coordination

Read on to understand the problem, what a ‘typical’ kettlebell workout is like, how cross-training works and why you need it.

Call 630-708-8706 to schedule a visit!


Not every appointment is a strictly Kettlebell but a Basic Kettlebell appointment set-up looks like this: Warm-up and mobility work that prepare the body for that specific class. DRILLS for kettlebell: One each: ‘grind’ lift and a ‘quick’ lift drill for training or setting personal record.  FINISHER- training exercises to accomplish any of the following: Heart-rate kick, delve deeper into specific drills, spot strengthening, FUN!  


It’s been our experience that you won’t.  We do have you sign a standard waiver in any case. 😉 But joking aside…. you are always encouraged to work at your pace and level. I help you define this and it can vary day-to-day. Sometimes I will be cheering you on to bigger and more.  Sometimes you will hear, “You ok?  Should we back off and push for volume instead of weight?” (or something like that) Find your level and press into it.  Grow incrementally or in leaps and bounds.  They both happen to everyone.


Nope.  We are generalists.  The goal is to be pretty good at lots of things – not experts at one thing.  Also known as: Variety is the Spice of Life.  You can expect to become fitter, more mobile and have better movement skills.

For the record….
*At Center-Fit we train bodies for specific use.  If you are an olympic weight lifter, you will do well to train for and practice olympic lifts… however, if you aren’t, there may be more risk than potential benefit from moves like that. Is it wrong? Nope. We just don’t train in that way. We do like to train hard, tho.  We also take care to not push past safe limits just for the sake of being ‘tough’.

Some days are PR (personal record) days and some days are training days.

You each get to choose.

Now get it done!