Last week we talked “The Why” and about the positive and negative reasons we might choose to workout, change our eating habits or to generally pursue better health.  Today I want to talk about Leap Frogging your whys!

It’s all about permission. I don’t know how we got to be this crazy perfectionistic culture, but it seems like if we don’t attain “SUCCESS” right away – it the “RIGHT WAY” we are shamed. By ourselves as well as by imaginary and real people. Let’s just step back from the ledge for a second, k?

Repeat after me. “There is no such thing as perfection.” Good, maybe walk away and meditate on that for a bit.  I will wait.

Welcome back.  Now repeat after me again. “Life is messy.” (I would say “Life is F***ing messy” but that’s me.) What would happen if we gave ourselves permission to get there the best way we know how.  Permission to change tactics and approaches.  To stop and look at where we are headed and then decide to veer slightly to the left or right.  Permission.  It’s fine.  Chances of you reaching your goals exponentially increase when you are NOT judging yourself negatively.

I’m not talking about throwing your thinking brain to wind. If your brain is judging that you are having “too much 10pm ice cream if you want to keep with your weightloss goals” … chance are your brain is judging correctly. Listen and put down the spoon.

SIDE NOTE: If you DIDN’T put down the spoon, but instead put it right into your mouth. Let’s start again.  Not all over, but from where you are.  It’s not like an AA meeting where you need to count the days of ‘ice cream sobriety” for goodness’ sake!

Leap Frog Why’s and Permission.

Today’s why, might not get you through tomorrow.  But if it’s good enough for today, it’s good enough.

I really want a flat tummy. (Don’t even ASK me why…vanity.) But I will tell you that whereas that desire MIGHT get me started today, it’s not going to sustain me when I am presented with my favorite martini and chocolate covered strawberries one night and pizza the next and brats the next… you see where this is going.  BUT, when I decide that to be an example of what IS possible.  To help other people conquer their fears and inadequacies simply by conquering mine.. now that’s something that keeps my attention. To be able to say, “Damn it!  I did it!” That’s something that holds my interest.

Do you see what I did, tho?  I let the vanity of outward appearance get me moving towards better health (less body fat- within appropriate levels). But I quickly leap frogged to a better WHY.  A more sustainable why.  And as my vision expands, so will my why’s.  So will yours.

You have MY permission to get started for whatever ‘silly-ish’ reason you have. No you aren’t going to get rid of your thigh gap.  You should have chosen better parents.  But if TRYING is what moves you to better fitness, healthier eating – until your replace it with a better why.  Go for it. Leap Frog.

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