I recently posted a Facebook video of a woman, significantly overweight -KILLING it at yoga.

Everyone loves a success story!

SO, I’m not one of those “body acceptance” people.  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be. What your body looks like is something YOU have to be happy with.  For me it is a non-issue.  I don’t NEED to be accepting of your body.  It’s yours.  Not mine. AND You can be happy or unhappy with the way your body looks.  Currently I am unhappy with the way my body looks.  I just finished radiation therapy for breast cancer and gained 30 lbs.  I HATE how I feel and am not pleased with the way I look.

Here’s what I think: It doesn’t matter WHY you are overweight – unless you have a medical issue. Get that checked out.  Some people (for example, with global delay) can lack the ‘full’ response and so before learning about portion sizes that will keep them safe, they overeat.  There are other medical reasons why we may be overweight.

The bottom line? (no pun intended) EVEN IF you have GOOD reason for being overweight….Get moving. Eat appropriate amounts for your level of movement.  This isn’t something you dial in and Voila! it’s changed.  It’s trial and error.  It’s working through possible injuries or muscle fatigue as your body leap frogs through different muscle groups being proportionately weaker than others.  (I suggest a thoughtful trainer. Someone who understands this concept.)

The sooner you start moving forward, the sooner you will be rid of the things you think are holding you back.  And I have a secret for you.  You can handle whatever it is you think you are hiding under that excess weight. (ahhh, yes, now we are moving into emotional/ psychological reasons for being overweight) I have A LOT of these conversations. I had LOTS of things I was ‘hiding’ under my excess body fat.  It’s been my experience that as you become more fit and stronger physically you also become more fit emotionally. Sometimes what holds you (me) back is lack of confidence.  But the paradox is this… you gain confidence by doing what you thought you couldn’t.  A 30 lbs chubbier me. Growing armpit hair during radiation. (With Combat instructor Wil, shaving his armpit in support!)

You can.




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