Good habits take time to learn.  That’s why we have developed a 3-month weightloss/healthy eating program!  This program includes 1/2 hr onsite personal training sessions (2x’s week) with Beth and twice monthly meetings with our dietician Tanya.

Normally $1600 now only $1200!

That’s only $400 a month

for 8 trainings and 2 dietary counseling sessions


(oh, sorry, that’s yelling.  But it’s because we’re THAT EXCITED!)

But wait!  There’s more!

You also get a full UNLIMITED gym membership for those 3 months!

That is another $447 savings on top of the $400 sale price. You save $847

But wait!  There’s more!


Center-Fit will donate $50 to Stand Up To Cancer with each package purchased.

Dang! That’s just good for EVERY BODY!

Here’s the deal.

HOW MANY times have you waited for January 1 to ‘get ready for summer’?  Or waited till you were ‘in better shape’ or ‘ready’ or….? DO NOT WAIT.  The best way to keep from gaining UNWANTED holiday pounds is to have a team on your side to help you navigate the calorie ridden waters.

(UGH! Calories are like SHARKS… disguised as cookies and candy and twice backed potatoes….waiting to devour you!)

Recap. What you get.

Intake evaluation for fitness. Intake evaluation for nutritional counseling.  1/2 hr training sessions 2 per week during the 3-month session (24 total 1/2 hr sessions). 6-7 nutritional counseling meetings either on ‘skype’ or on location (dietician’s schedule pending). Before and After photo. Spreadsheet of your workouts and recorded results. Unlimited Membership at Center-Fit for duration of 3-month session. Opportunity to save an additional $50/month with a $99/month continued Unlimited Membership (no obligation). Time spent with really great people.  Really.  We’re fun!

Don’t wait!  Lose that weight NOW and look good for Christmas.  THEN we’ll talk about the beach.  K?

Ready?  Click the link and sign up. Your card will be charged $600 with subsequent payments of $300 taken out the same day next month and the following month. Tanya will call you to set up your Nutritional Counseling and Beth will call to schedule your trainings (Beth has early morning, day times, evenings and Saturdays available).
If you and a friend want to workout together you each get $100 off your bill (payments are then $600, $200, $200 each). Nutritional counseling is always one-on-one.


(We wanted to make these super small and hard to find just to be funny…but we’re kinda not like that. All up front. That’s us.)
  • New members only
  • 3 month contract required
  • Payments totaling $1200 may be made in 3-installments with a credit card on file (autopay) as follows:
    • $600 month 1
    • $300 month 2
    • $300 month 3
  • Once program is complete your unlimited membership is only $99/month instead of $149 (other options available)
  • Continued membership not required.
  • Price does not change if membership is not used or wanted.
  • Sessions missed may be rescheduled within the 3-month period only – trainer availability pending.


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