No worries, people. It’s all about risk management and if you have a job, a family and any hobbies – you already DO that!
Let’s talk.

1. DON’T try to deny yourself EVERYTHING. Every good eating plan includes cheat days or meals. Plan. Load your plate up with the really GOOD stuff… I mean good for your body. Meat, salad / vegetables, you know. Easy on the sauce. Add a Tablespoon (or so) of your favorite dishes. Honestly, you probably don’t actually WANT to eat a cup of jello salad. Not once you have started eating clean, anyway.
2. GIVE away as many of your leftovers as possible! Keep the meat and veggies, of course. What if you can’t give them away. Better in the garbage than on your hips. Trust me. Frugalness is a bad excuse for unwanted weight-gain and unhealthy eating. 😉
3. DRINKING your calories can be fun… but ‘expensive’, those calories go down easy – lots at a time. So, like the jello salad, choose wisely what and HOW MUCH. (I love my vodka, but I also understand that alcohol is basically poison that eats your brain cells. – moderation!)
4. WATER. Drink it.
5. RECOVERY. Plan your next workout and your next meals. Schedule when you are going to be at the gym and what your light “get me back on schedule” meals will be.
OH! Did I mention??? Get rid of those crappy leftovers.

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