another blog post about goals…you can roll your eyes and move on if you like. But I will be quick.

When was the last time you set a goal? No…not that kind of  goal “I want to be more healthy”.  I mean, yes.  Yes, being more healthy is a good thing.  Go ahead and set that goal.  But does THAT goal inspire you?  Does it get you moving to improve and accomplish?

I propose finding a ‘sensible’ goal. AND a less sensible goal. I want to be STRONGer and look AMAZING.  There, that’s it.  I don’t know if I can/ will accomplish this.  But I can guarantee it inspires me to try.

I hope you find that same kind of GOAL.

Something like:

  • a 50 kg Turkish Get-Up
  • a 300 (or 500) lbs deadlift
  • winning the Golden Gloves
  • completing the 10 minute swing
  • getting up off the floor using a little help as possible (points of contact other than your FEET!)  – this has been shown to be an indicator of longevity!

Oh, yeah… set a date, make a plan, find someone you like who will help keep you on track.


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