Here they are!

Our Holiday Personal Training Specials.

Short and sweet:


5 session packages = 5%OFF (promo code:2016XMAS5pt)

10pct OFF

10 session packages = 10%OFF (promo code:2016XMAS10pt)

25percent-graphics OFF

20 session packages = 25% OFF (promo code:2016XMAS20pt)


Dec 16th – Dec 31st.  Purchase online, call to schedule first appointment!

Trainers are Beth or Damien – your choice!



Here’s the stuff that inspires and informs you:

Whether you are buying training for yourself, someone you really like or the both of you, let me assure you… this is a GREAT decision. Personal training will give you the oomph you have needed to get started, keep going or go FARTHER than you thought you could.  Both Beth AND Damien have their personal weightloss stories. They have been there.  Not only that but they have figured it out!

Is personal training easy? No. Staying at home on the couch eating bon bons is easy.

Will it help you become more fit? Yes.

Can we guarantee you will lose weight? No. The amount (and types) of food you put in your body must favorably correspond to the amount of moving you do!  We will help you understand the triggers and ways you can tackle your own weight-loss program.

Do I have to be sore everyday? Nope. In fact if you are, talk to your trainer. Chances are, you and your trainer will need to modify your routine!

Will I have fun? YES! Both Beth and Damien understand the struggles in just GETTING to the gym.  A little humor coupled with interesting moves and just the right amount of energy to get you through is just want the Dr ordered!


Come see us!

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