Hi, I’m not a nutritionist.  I DO talk to a lot of my clients and friends about what we eat, how we train and what’s working / what’s not. I’ve had some decent successes and I’m on the road to better health! So here is my non-technical breakdown to help you find success in changing your habits to facilitate a more healthy lifestyle.  (I totally should have started with “LOSE WEIGHT FAST AND EASY!  Click for Before and Afters!” but.. I didn’t, because that’s bullshit. Read on to find out why.)

Let’s start with the bullshit the, shall we?…

“Lose weight fast!”  

“Get ripped abs!”  “Look like the model we totally photoshopped and whose mother doesn’t even recognize!”

Yes, yes… some women do have ripped abs. But I have also trained fitness models and seen the photoshopped pics.  The photoshopping wasn’t needed, but… ripped abs.  Did you know that women with under 20% Body Fat (Ripped abs) can have hormonal disruptions? That’s just silly.  Don’t do that to your body.  ‘Cause your #bodygoals magazine pic on your fridge is most likely the result of extreme dieting before the shoot with some photoshop. Also: hangry.



Perspective is key:

Check this lady.  You can IMAGINE the body shaming that might happen over pic on the left.  But then look – FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER she is just standing and flexing.  Let’s just all take a step back. It’s about perception …and perspective.

Weigh EVERYTHING.  (we are still in the ‘bullshit’ section, don’t worry)

  • Use “XYZ” app or calculator.
  • Join this Facebook group for weight loss.

Am I saying these things don’t work?  Nope.  Are they sustainable?  Probably not for most people.  How often have you heard “OK guys, so I started back up on XYZ program/calculator/diet and it’s really gonna stick this time!  I am so excited!”  or something like that. Or “Join our Facebook group” only to be marketed to about direct sales ‘cleanses/Detoxes’, etc….

Here is the bullshit-ometor:  “This really works!” … and anything promising drastic results where you don’t have to know anything or where you have to feel like a mad scientist or data analyst to succeed at all.

Don’t. Do. It.  – Diets, detoxes, other sensational miracle cures for your fat loss.

(It’s kinda like double spacing after a period, it had its time and purpose, but it’s no longer necessary and… it takes up valuable space.)


Stay tuned for Parts 2, 3, & 4 of Cracking the Mysteries of Weightloss.

(I just made that name up…as you can guess, it’s not really a mystery – but we WILL get super practical)

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