I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist.  This article contains tips and tricks to keep your selected healthy foods accessible because: life.

I think we all know what the right foods are. The closer to fresh it is the better. Cook your chicken though! 😉 But you know what I mean. It’s overwhelming to me to shop and read every label… I don’t really like how I feel when I eat beef or grains. I am allergic to scallops, pine and some grasses as well as mold. So I have to be SUPER careful with supplements.  That’s me.  Do your own homework to discover your best and worst foods.  (No. Beer is not a best food.)

Currently, I’m looking for a marinara sauce without sugar.  I saw one listed as being sold at Aldi, and “whole30 approved”, but when I sent Guy to the store he couldn’t find it. Granted, Guy is highly dyslexic and reading labels are out of the question for him. So this week’s been marinara sauce has a little sugar in it. I will not die. But I will keep looking.

Load up on vegetables! I like to do a “elimination diet “every once in a while. But I have food sensitivities, so that’s important to me. I don’t worry too much about what foods cause inflammation, cancer, indigestion, diverticulitis, bloating,… but, honestly, I do keep those things loosely in mind while I’m preparing or shopping for food. I feel like grains tend to make me feel bloated as well as potatoes so I ease off on those for the most part, and sometimes eliminate them completely only to add them back in and small amounts later. But this is all just tweaking. Get your four food groups, try not to eat more fat than you need, remembering there are healthy fats. Margin is not one of them. Deep fried oil is not one of them. Be aware that cashews and Chia seeds have high fat content. Is that bad? No. If that’s all you eat, then yes.

Doesn’t it feel like there are SO MANY THINGS to remember? If so, go back to “as close to raw/fresh as possible“. That rules out things that are processed, pre-made, refined. This works really well for me, because I am a procrastinator and often find I have procrastinated on COOKING.  Then I am ravenous and want something easy, and comforting, because now I hate myself for not being organized “like all the awesome people”

I feel like there should be this perfect formula for each person’s specific body type and bio-make up. We haven’t figured that out yet, so we can be pretty sure that there are some general things are good and that there are things that are not so great for you personally. Give yourself license to find those things out, to go against the norm, while not become body dysmorphic or anorexic or morbidly obese.

My point is, you can just chill out a little bit. Everything isn’t life and death / right or wrong / good or bad. For most of us anyway. But don’t use your “chill“ as license to be sloppy or self-indulgent where it works against your personal health goals.

Following are some tips from me for:

  • eating on the go,
  • when you’re away from home,
  • when you’re mostly at home,
  • and when you have children who don’t follow your same dietary preferrences.

I have been there.  Lost weight while working 60 hrs a week behind a desk.  Tried to stay healthy while training people at 4 different locations across a 50 mile radius. While running my own business out of my home.  Here are some tricks.

  1. Make more than you need – I made 2 chicken dishes today.  I want to be that “I mean prep on Sundays” girl, but: procrastination.  And I work 8 hrs on Sunday. Do it when you can, then you have something for when you can’t! It’s so easy to throw it in a container to later microwave, or to chop up for a salad later.
  2. Get a cooler even if it’s a larger lunch box insulated one! Pack lots of little things, use baggies! Proteins and Veggies.
  3. Buy the right things – Do NOT buy what isn’t in line with your health plan.
  4. Make it look good  -This applies to your prepared food as well as your food waiting to be eaten. If you can control your office environment make sure the right foods look appealing there as well. Otherwise package things in baggies or Tupperware. I could have used a to-go mug and a paper plate.  But the goal is to ENJOY my food. These photos are a celebration of food!
  5. Learn to eat new things.  I don’t try to make “paleo brownies”.  Why mess with such a good thing?  I will eat brownies when I have leeway in my health plan.  I will eat them in moderation.  If you see me with my face covered in chocolate and crumbs on my chest, take me out and have a chat with me, I may need it! Here you see tuna steak and then chopped up zucchini, broccoli, sweet potato and pomegranate.  Not so new to me now, but they were once! I am not a broccoli fan, so I sneak it into my salads!
  6. Throw away the things that tempt you to work against your own good health. Or hide them making them more difficult to access. Can you spot the chocolate cookies?? I put them in a ziplock bag near healthier choices. (Raisins and nuts). And GOODBYE to the 3 left over YUMMY Christmas treats.


Let’s be clear, it irritates me to even mention full grown adults who can make their own choices and food, but this is where we are.

Here’s what I do for that.

  1. People in my house eat what I prepare.  Or go hungry.  (exceptions: food sensitivities, allergies, small children)
  2. People in my house that do not want to eat what I prepare may prepare something else. (exceptions: small children, poor dietary choices for teens)
  3. Aside from 1 and 2, I simply follow the above 6 tips anyway.  It really doesn’t matter, it’s all about mindset. Find what helps YOU keep you the healthiest you can be.  DO those things.


I acknowledge that this may not inspire you.  It is not meant to.  It is meant to be as practical as washing dishes or putting gas in your car.

I acknowledge that there are circumstances. This is not meant to shame you if these are not things accessible to you or appealing to you.

I acknowledge that only you can prevent forest fires.



I meant, only you have the keys to what really works for you… others just have clues for you to try.


Love and hugs and healthy eating… guilt free.

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