You’ve heard it… “It’s not how many times you fall, it’s how many times you get back up.” I hate platitudes and sayings that roll off the tongue without much thought.  Don’t you?  So – let’s put some thought, and IRL experience behind this saying.  Because I can guarantee you, as long as there is success there will be failure.  As long as there is gravity, there will be falling.  Truth.

No, I am not going to list all my falls and failures or how I lost 75 lbs (the first time!) – ain’t nobody got time for that!  Let’s just take 1 year, 2 life events, and talk set-backs to your life long dream and well, your life.

When I decide something. It happens. And although I do have that little sparkle in my eyes and bounce in my step, I am not magic.  I work.  I work within chaos and then build towards my vision. Here’s what happened, I decided, I worked and I watched.  I was not afraid to take decisive action quickly.  In 2015 I acquired my own studio. But here I am preaching to the choir.

6-months later; breast cancer.  Here’s the deal, folks.  It never felt like a ‘thing’.  I was so focussed on new clients, improving programs, managing staff that double surgeries, 6 weeks radiation, hemotomas that literally built my BICEPS (TMI?) and burning far after radiation was done – were just things you did.  You keep going.  You remain positive.  You let the Doctors do what they do.  You try not to show that you are beyond exhausted every minute of every day.  And soon, your energy creeps back in and you are off and running again!  That was January -July.

6-months later; osteomyelitis. That sh** ate my SPINE! I realized I had it when I started screaming a day after one of my best boxing sessions of the year!  (I had felt I was BACK after breast cancer!) I’m not gonna talk about the pain. Ugh. Horrid. Here’s what matters…

  • 2 Emergency Lumbar Surgeries within 4 days
  • 4 months of antibiotics I was allergic to with a heavy daily dose of Benedryl
  • Doctors wondering if I would live
  • Doctors wondering if I would walk

Spoiler alert:  Here I am! I am also not only walking, but I am BACK!

A year of poisoning my body, battering my brain and emotions and 4 surgeries total is BRUTAL.  Maybe YOU have experienced some set backs in your life?  You CAN regain strength, you CAN regain your positive attitude.  You can find a way to train.  I have been there.  I can help.

(IF you are would like a FULL Screening by a Certified Physical Therapist, we are in the Catalyst Physiotherapy building in Sandwich.  We’ll set something up for you and move (literally MOVE) from there!

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