Happy Labor Day!! Today’s Scheme is as follows:

Today’s scheme is simple, but maybe a little boring. Why don’t you find a friend to swing with?

  • 10×10 heavy swings at the top of each MINUTE. That’s a LONG rest. But you are swinging HEAVY.
  • 10×3 One Arm swings – continuous
  • 6 HEAVY swings to finish off100+60+6=166!Your healthy eating tip?
    Look at what you are eating that encourages you to feel guilty. Most often it’s food you don’t need that is also sabotaging your goals? Late night ice cream? (HEY! Quit looking at me!) Soda with a meal? Too many alcoholic beverages too often?

    Decide: Why am I sabotaging my health? What am I going to do to fix it?
    Options: Choose an eating plan or create one. Prepare your meals in advance. Enlist the help of a friend so you can remember your goals.

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