HEADS UP! 5:45am classes start tomorrow (Shred300!!).
NOTE: You MUST sign-up by 6pm in order for the class to be on the schedule.

Your instructor (ummm, that would be Beth) won’t answer 4:15am texts to ‘see if the class is still on or not.’  #sorrynotsorry

It may take a while to get the feel for the turn-out for these classes. So, as best you can…6pm sign up the night before! Don’t make her get up that early for nothin’ folks!!!

If there are at least 3 people signed up, chances are good the class is a go! Meaning if only 1 person signs up, they may cancel after you look! SO, don’t just look to see if someone signed up, go ahead and SIGN UP BEFORE 6PM THE NIGHT BEFORE!!!! (Rarely will all 3 cancel)

So, if things seem clear…. See you in the morning!

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