Fabulous place to workout

I’ve been working out at Center Fit since May. I look forward to the classes and my workouts. The instructors are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, encouraging and fun. The fun and encouragement spreads to all of the members. I feel like every person there wants me to be successful. It’s fabulous to know that I am getting healthy and having a blast while doing it!

Kathy Doud

Not your typical gym

This is not your typical gym. You get the benefit of smaller classes, and trainers who truly care about you holistically. They challenge you and work with you to meet your goals, and they get to know you and encourage you. If you are looking for a gym that will become like family, this is your place. Come check it out for yourself!


Center-Fit is about celebrating the healthful you

Center-Fit is about celebrating the healthful you from the inside out. Owner Beth Kolar is intelligent and will listen and inspire you to find the healthiest you you can be! A FRIENDLY person who is honest and passionate about each individual client’s health is rare. Thrilled to be stronger and more mindful at Center-Fit!


I fell in love with Kettlebells!

I have been working out at Center-fit for the last month and half. I started doing it for my husband because he loves kettlebells!! The problem is that I fell in love with it as well! I love Beth!! So patient, great to work, funny and great teacher.


I actually feel confident!

Beth – I just wanted to send you the biggest THANK YOU, because I had a long period of no working out/not eating very well, and recently just got back on track. The reason I’m sending you a thank you is because for the first time ever, I actually felt confident about walking into the weight room. I was strong and I was lifting! You gave me so many tools that I have taken with me, and although I miss your training and awesome personality, you have made such a positive impact on my life now, and going forward.