1 Year Anniversary Sale

We are so happy to be celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary at Center-Fit! We’re not JUST a Hardstyle Kettlebell club! We also offer world renowned Les Mills group fitness.  Circuit trainings (BootCamp & Kickboxing) and a little Zumba! We have Personal Trainers concerned with your goals for strength, mobility and agility. See details and links below for sales specials.

Working out but not seeing changes?

Do you need accountability for your eating or lack of eating?  Do you need nutrition coaching to help you choose the best foods for YOUR lifestyle? Are you ready to make a change for YOU? Set yourself straight in our Weightloss & Nutrition Counseling program with Tanya Zucco! As an elite athlete Tanya understands the difficulty in getting the right nutrients into your body in the…

New morning class times! Read instructions

  HEADS UP! 5:45am classes start tomorrow (Shred300!!). NOTE: You MUST sign-up by 6pm in order for the class to be on the schedule. Your instructor (ummm, that would be Beth) won’t answer 4:15am texts to ‘see if the class is still on or not.’  #sorrynotsorry