1 Year Anniversary Sale

We are so happy to be celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary at Center-Fit! We’re not JUST a Hardstyle Kettlebell club! We also offer world renowned Les Mills group fitness.  Circuit trainings (BootCamp & Kickboxing) and a little Zumba! We have Personal Trainers concerned with your goals for strength, mobility and agility. See details and links below for sales specials.

Cancer, fitness and recovery.

Ugh.  The “C” word.  It strikes fear in the hearts of even the most brave!  Fortunately, I am not brave.  I just keep moving forward, maybe even oblivious to the gravity of the events at hand.  I call that a blessing! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of this year.  

12 Days of Kettlebells: Christmas Workout

Here’s a fun workout you can do every day up till Christmas! It’s pretty simple so do the whole thing each day. (Rather than one a day, adding on each day.) VARIATIONS: Go light and get 4 done as fast as you can (probably 30 mins with some rests) Alternate from lighter on “quick lifts” and heavier on “grind lifts” get 3 done in 30…

Day 18 5,000 swing scheme

Check Pavel’s form on one arm swings! Shoulders & Hips in alignment at the top of the swing.  Core locked.  Strive for perfection today! Today’s swing scheme! 20 swings 20 h2h swings 10/10 one arm swings 20 doubles Plus one set of 6 heavy swings Healthy eating tip: Find a standard go-to restaurant for healthy meals for days when you haven’t planned your meals, packed…

Day 15 5000 Swing Challenge with Jennifer

Day 15! Saturday, September 19th! Halfway there! Grab a friend and let’s get these done. If you need a friend or two to swing with, come in to 9am Foundations of Strength class and we’ll swing this one together. 10×10- 2 hand swing 5/5 x5 one arm swings 16 HEAVY the last 16 reps Healthy eating tip. Read your labels! Your infused water will taste considerably…

Day 14 5000 Swing Challenge

150= 6 sets of 25 16= 4×4 one arm swings =166 total (The last few days I have encouraged you to “go heavy” quite a bit.  So, if you feel the need (soreness) try a moderately heavy bell for this one.) We’ve really been hitting positioning hard with this challenge as well as in our classes. Start in your “Silverback” position. (Yes, like the gorilla…only…

Day 13 5000 Swings

Welcome back from vacation, Bob!  We sure missed you! And thanks for teaming up with me AFTER your workout for this video! 6 x’s 11 double swings 1 set 40,30,20 10…heavy to heavier to heaviest!  (You can see we shared bells, it worked out nicely!) =166 Everyone has different mobility and strength. Get the best hip hinge you can and straighten up nice and tall…

Day 11 5000 Swing Challenge

Thank you Foundations of Strength class for helping! I had help with today’s swing scheme! Thank you 9 am Foundations of Strength class! 36 swings 10/10 OA Swings xs 10 (for 100) 30 H2H walking swings to finish up! Healthy eating. Don’t skip meals. Watch your supplements. When life gets REALLY busy your daily fuel becomes MORE important!

Day 11 5000 swings

Today’s swing scheme! 36 swings. Then: 10×10 one arm swings (10 xs!) = 100 * challenge..See how many sets of one arm swings you can get before you have to put it down. THEN: 30 H2H walking swings (forward back!) =166 From Strongfirst Instructor, Jeff Sokol!  “At the top of the swing your butt should be eating your shorts, your knee caps should be pulled…

New morning class times! Read instructions

  HEADS UP! 5:45am classes start tomorrow (Shred300!!). NOTE: You MUST sign-up by 6pm in order for the class to be on the schedule. Your instructor (ummm, that would be Beth) won’t answer 4:15am texts to ‘see if the class is still on or not.’  #sorrynotsorry