First off, let me congratulate you!  You have begun to take your fitness seriously (or maybe you are researching for a friend or loved one.)  Good work!  Here are a few tips to help you sift through the good the bad and the ugly!

  • Accept the fact that you are BEGINNING a journey.  Along the way you may decide you don’t like your travel companion.  If the trainer offers smaller packages, you may find it worth while to pay more to ‘try them out’, rather than being ‘stuck’ or not using your sessions. Find a trainer that motivates you.
  • Be aware that people’s recommendations (people you KNOW, that is) may be far more valuable than letters after a name (certifications). People learn skills differently.  I have seen trainers with GREAT certifications and POOR training skills or level of caring. You want RESULTS, right?!
  • Check if you can share your training with a friend and what extra cost it may entail.  Studies have shown that people who workout together tend to stick with a program.  You then have a buddy to work with you on your off days!
  • Does your personal training entitle you to use the gym when you are not with your trainer.  Not all gyms do that, but if the goal is to get you in shape, there better be a plan for you to have access to equipment AND inspiration!
  • Engagement is KEY! You may not employ your trainer for the rest of your life.  Ask them if you can take notes during trainings or if they make records available to you for future reference.  It will make a difference.
  • From time to time you may want to re-hire your trainer to bump you up to the ‘next level’.  Ask your potential trainer if they do that.
  • GIVE your trainer ALL your health information.  You don’t want to start with a trainer who is not comfortable with your herniated disc and broken ribs.  😉 (Yes, I am speaking from experience) There ARE trainers who CAN help you – if you have a Doctor’s release – you want to be SURE they have some experience, tho.
  • F’ it.  Yes.  Stop deliberating.  Stop finding excuses why you can’t start yet.  Jump in.  Refer to letter A if this doesn’t make sense.


Check out our training packages and come try out our trainers.  Beth and Damien are waiting for you to take the next step. You can also see our Personal Training page for more information.


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