You want to be able to move, lift, get up and down with ease, right?  Maybe you also want to discover your inner athlete, lose weight, or get STRONG. You DO deserve to be your best. Personalized training sessions will help you get there!

I LOVE designing personalized training plans! Each session is designed with YOUR goals in mind, making sure you are moving well and getting stronger.  Here at Beth’s House we are primarily a Kettlebell gym so we may use kettlebells during training, we may not.  If you need any special kettlebell skills, I will teach you. ….so no worries.  We have a traditional weight room as well as loads of functional fitness equipment.

Each group of sessions begins with an assessment, goal setting or check up.

You can choose how many times per week and length of time for each workout.  You can get A LOT done in 30 minutes – but if your goal is strength training, you may want to bump up to 1 hr sessions eventually.  You can choose 5 x 1/2 hr sessions a week, or 3 x 1 hr sessions…or any combo you like.  Not sure?  I can help you decide based on your schedule and your goals.

Training with a friend or buy training packages are great ways to save money while getting quality training. Call 630-708-8706 (Google Voice)