“WHY? Wednesday” by Beth

Oh, doing is so much easier than figuring out WHY we do something, don’t you think? I mean, do you really want to take an hour break right now to figure out why you are eating ice cream at 10pm, or consuming a monster drink and bag of gummy bears on the way to work? (you know who you are!)  You know you probably shouldn’t, I mean, you are spending money on a gym membership, maybe even personal training. Maybe you just bought a size bigger pants, defeated, knowing better, but….

Here’s the deal: Creating brainless activity will always be easier than employing thinking that leads to purposeful action.  Perhaps this is why so many people can ‘get’ the workout thing, but don’t ‘get’ the eating healthy thing.  Perhaps this is also why we shop!  😉

Let’s explore the “Why” that that keeps you from purposeful action.  Maybe at the end you could share the why that moves you towards purposeful action.

OK. Get your boots on, it may get deep.


Food prep, organization of stuff of any kind, eh… not really my strong suit.  I am good with people tho 😀  I don’t look lazy, but ask my husband, I am. Because of this, I miss lots of good opportunities to set myself up for success by sheer laziness.  I’ll do it tomorrow.  Yes, procrastination is a fancy name for laziness. ugh. It could be avoidance, tho… read on.

Fear of failing

What if I try and I don’t make it? (Said is a super irritating whiney voice.) From someone who tried and made it, I say, “so what.” So what if you don’t make it?  It most likely won’t kill you, I mean failing to lose weight COULD kill you, so it is important, but usually… most people don’t die from a failed diet.  I tried lots of diets and workout plans. Meaning I didn’t reach my goal. at all.  like, instead, I gained weight.  How the H*** do you gain weight on a diet? Or I would decide to start walking on the treadmill in the basement.  Ok. #1 I hate basements… we see where this is gonna go.  #2 How does ANYONE walk towards a wall or a book for more that 2 minutes without going nuts.  No.  Not. Happening. The thing is… and you know it… you aren’t dumb… you’ve read it on “The Facebook” many times… “If you don’t try you won’t ever succeed.” Risk failure. You CAN recover. You WILL be better.  If you want.

Fear of succeeding

Here is where it gets a little deep.  Fear of succeeding, really?!?! Is there such a thing?  Yes, Johnny, there is. As I was working through losing 75 lbs one of the things that really scared me was (I feel silly even saying it) “What if I look amazing, will I be able to manage that?  What if I get hit on??” That scared the bejeebeez out of me.  Idk why. Well, I do, but that’s another story for another blog. What did I do?  I sabotaged, I still do.  Your “What if” about your success will look different. Your sabotage will look different.  And you will learn that you can handle success just fine. …And I have handled some DOOZIES of propositions. 

Week resolve

Damn it.  EVERY DAY I think “I am gonna eat healthy today.” I mean it.  I hate feeling sluggish, I wonder what I would look like without the belly fat, I fantasize (a little) about sexy upper arms… then I get tired and bored and go to Starbucks and since I’m bored I don’t JUST want a coffee.  So I order a latte, with flavor – no whipped cream, tho. Like THAT is gonna help.  Nope.  I’m weak.  And, wait for it…. usually I don’t REMEMBER I wasn’t gonna do that till I am actually DONE with the drink.  GAH! Week resolve.

Lack of experience

Sometimes you just don’t know. Every once in a while I have a day where I feel fat.  I look in the mirror and I look the same as I did yesterday when I felt amazing! Every once in a while I binge eat ice cream/chocolate/ritz crackers & cheese…. and then a couple days later when I look in the mirror I am positive I am gonna look fat.  I don’t. huh.  Weird.  I guess regaining weight ISN’T that easy

But then I also remember the last time I stopped training due to an injury.  I kinda knew that my eating habits should change but some of my limited past experience told me that it’s not all as bad as I thought.  You don’t actually visibly get fatter from 1…or 5 cookies.  …unless you eat them every day and don’t workout while your metabolism is slowing down because you also stopped working out. I put on 15 pounds.


Lack of wisdom

Experience is learning from your own successes and failures.  Wisdom is learning from OTHER’s successes and failures. You don’t have to have failed a million times in order to get it right, you don’t have to lose 100 lbs to teach you the lesson of obesity and the hard consistent work it takes to return to health. There are a TON of stories about this.  Just today I was telling a prospective client about my remarkable weight loss and return to real health and found myself thinking “Oh, he’s heard these kinds of stories…blah blah blah”. Yes, there are that many stories.  Why aren’t you learning from them?  Employ wisdom when NOTHING ELSE WORKS!

BOTTOM LINE (appropriately at the bottom of the page): Why you want to lose weight needs to be more pressing than why you want to eat [insert fave food here].  Should you wait to workout or change your eating habits until you have figured it out?  NO! Life, learning…wisdom comes incrementally.  We inch forward.  Let’s not expect to CRUSH OUR GOALS! (RUH!) Let’s press into them, let’s smell the roses… or the latte with NO sugar. Let’s try and fail and instead of berating ourselves, simply move forward again…on the same plan, the same path.  ‘You just tripped on a tree root, that’s all, you don’t get kicked out of the forest for that.’


What about you?  Be brave, if you need bravery, share what it is that holds you back. Or share WHY you do what you do.

Absolutely no shaming.  I reserve the right to delete any post I feel I need to.

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