Last week we talked about WHY and some of the things that keep us from reaching our goals.  Since then I have had the pleasure of hearing many stories about WHY some of us have kept going.  Let’s talk about “the why” and how it can motivate you… and the danger of not having one.

We all know “why?” is a part of our nature.  Who hasn’t heard a 3-year old ask, “But whyyyyyyyy?” And God bless my 7th grade algebra teacher… I must have asked him why a million times.  He wasn’t very good though, he always answer “Just because it is.” Boo on him.

But let’s get back to you and how WHY can help you move forward.

OK,  you know you need a goal, right?  So what do you do?  You decide what you want.  It’s kind of an arbitrary decision, something like “I wanna lose 20lbs.” You don’t know if 20lbs is a good amount to lose, you haven’t set a time frame and you probably haven’t assessed the cost …hunger, no chocolate, no beer, hunger, pissy moods, hunger, no chocolate. Oh, ok, maybe that’s just me. But why 20lbs?  Maybe you have seen on countless magazine covers “Lose 20lbs in 3 weeks!” or “20lbs. Lose it NOW!” 20lbs sells magazines, it doesn’t change your life.

Enter “The Why”. The why is what is life changing. The why is what keeps you on the straight and narrow when you are in a pissy mood – they call that hangry, now- and you WANT PIZZA. and beer. and chocolate.  Maybe you actually want a beer pizza with chocolate melted on top. The why is what creates stories we like to tell, hear and share. Let’s talk about some of the “Why’s”.

My kids

Your late 20’s are pretty cool, then 30 hits.  You don’t recover as well and your little kids are harder to keep up with.  You sense you are starting to lose your mojo. But what’s worse is that you start to realize you have a FINITE time on this earth and it feels pretty important that you do your best to BE your best for your kids. Good reason. It’s relatively ‘easy’ (barring illness or injury) to regain your fitness and shed a few pounds.

My grandkids

This is my story.  I couldn’t get down to the ground unassisted and I certainly couldn’t get back up.  I wanted to be able to bend over and pick up my first grandchild …who was eager for the same! In my late 40’s after 14 years of illness and sedentary lifestyle, degenerated discs and a good 80-90lbs overweight… I didn’t really hold much hope and I didn’t dare set any goals, other than to pick her up and to generally be healthier. Your body gets really used to carrying around a certain amount of weight and doesn’t recover as well as it used to. The struggle is real, but… you have more time to commit and are more used to keeping your commitments (we call it maturity).  You can do this!

My health

You have had a ‘health scare’.  Cholesterol levels, maybe a heart incident. Perhaps a health professional used these two very scary words “morbidly obese”. (If a medical diagnosis has the word “morbid” in it I suggest you get your ass moving in a different direction!) It doesn’t matter what it is, wanting better health is a SUPER good reason to lose weight and improve your fitness! Fear of death is also excellent motivation.

My sanity

“My mom had just died… and I was overweight…” I hear this often.  Some tragedy. Something that pushes your emotions to the limit and helps you realize that you: 1.) Need a distraction and 2.) Aren’t going to live forever. The wonderful ‘mindless’ place of working out is the best hiding place.  Letting your body take over, disconnecting your mind  – or redirecting it to counting reps, or repeating “Swing deep, Stand tall” as you swing the kettlebell as if your life depends on it. Soon your mind craves that “rest” from all the processing, thinking and rethinking… and a habit is formed.

A pursuit

“You will never change until the pain of staying the same is GREATER than the [perceived] pain of changing”. Late nights of studying, long days training or weekends working that extra job require better fitness. The worse shape you are in, the more taxed your body and MIND are. That BIG GOAL can help keep you motivated. But not only that increased blood flow to the brain, taking a break from thinking, planning and doing is GOOD for creativity!

These are just a few “why’s” I have heard here at Center-Fit and over my years as a trainer.  Please share your story.  Maybe you don’t have a why? Maybe you found one, but it’s not enough.  Or maybe you nailed it and are maintaining the fitness you once only hoped you would have.  Encourage us, lean on us.

Next week…Leap Frog Why’s


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