Maybe it’s what you DON’T want. You don’t want the constant judging (of yourself, of others). You don’t want EVERYONE to notice you don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t want to be left on your own in the masses to figure stuff out. You don’t want to start ONE MORE THING that you don’t have the confidence to finish. You don’t want your self worth on the line every moment of every day because of how you appear to others… or yourself.

kb prsFreedom. That’s whatchu want! Me too.

How cool would it be to start moving in a way that’s fun? To find stuff you enjoy doing and just doing that stuff as long or as short a time as you like? What if YOU took all the pressure off? That’s what we mean when we say Center-Fit is a “Judgement Free Zone” and not in a “serve you fattening food and hope you never use your membership” (not gonna name names) sort of way.

How cool would it be to have knowledgable trainers with low student to instructor ratios?! Where you get the attention you need without being yelled at to perform. But instead you are coached to keep you injury free (as much as possible,because as you know one can tweak their back GETTING OUT OF BED!) and within your scope of ability before moving on!

How cool would it be to find health and good relationships and camaraderie?! No sideways glances and “OH MY GOD! She doesn’t even know how to lift those weights” stares. Just a group of people learning, improving our skills, together.

Not to say you need to hang around non-motivated people or only people who are in the same shape as you. But a nice varied mix of people! Some with better skills, people to look up to. People to chase after. People who help you realize what goals you COULD have. And some who are less skilled and might welcome your encouragement.

That’s us.

bk class

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