Parents!  I need your feedback! ASAP!

Beth is cooking up an interactive obstacle course for kids!  Designed by kids (with Beth), built by kids and run by kids!  But wait… there’s more!  Once the course is built we will compete “Ninja warrior-style” with parents/guardian!

This class is designed to help kids:

  • take ownership of their fitness with easy to remember set up goals
  • take others into consideration (regressing or making alternate moves)
  • plan with others in a group
  • find fitness through play
  • translate this knowledge to their own backyards!

Ages: Mature 7yr olds thru 11.  See Beth for exceptions.

There may be a snack planning 1/2hr after class depending on the time of the class. The goal of this section is to:

  1. not send kids on errands or home ravenous
  2. learn to make choices based on a point system encouraging whole foods, low sugar foods and diversified food selections.

The course will last 6 weeks and is paid upfront.  Cost TBD.

Which would YOU prefer??
(please only answer if you are actually interested in bringing your kids)

  • 1x week
  • 2x week
  • 10:30am-noon (includes smart snacking options)
  • 3-4pm

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