If the front door of your house breaks, do you say, “Oh well, I guess we can’t use the house now.”?

broken door

Didn’t think so.

I can’t tell you how many times I hear, “Well, I have to be careful” or “I don’t want to over do it” (I have RARELY, if ever seen that person even work to their potential, btw.) or “I have a (pulled muscle, strained wrist, etc…) I will stay home till it gets better.”

Disclaimer: of COURSE there are injuries you should recover from before coming to your regular workout! Major surgery, childbirth, a pulled tooth…the question is how long and what does recovery look like to you.

1.      Major surgery. For heavens sake, get a release from your Doctor with recommendations for what to do or not do once released and for how long.
2.      Childbirth. Take however long your body needs to heal or your baby needs. Too much stress is bad for milk production…but being glued to your child can also be stressful. Get back to moderate workouts once released by your Dr.
3.      Pulled teeth. Have you ever had a tooth pulled and gone straight to training? Yeah. Not fun. That kind of stress can cause excessive bleeding. Also, it hurts like a @&$&&$;%^!  Don’t do that.

But, more likely, the fact is you’ve twisted your ankle or pulled a muscle. Right? Probably getting out of bed! (Just speaking from my personal experience…)

If you respect your trainer…you know the kind I mean because they:
1.      Check in with you as training starts. “How are you? How’s your diet been? How are you feeling today? Did you do the homework I have you?”  They LISTEN. Maybe they crumple up the workout they had designed for you based on your answers. (I have!)
2.      They don’t simply count reps while looking around the gym and…
3.      They don’t yell at you “more more more!!!!” As their primary motivating cue!
4.      They talk to you about your movement patterns and how you may be inhibited (restricted movement) and what to do about it.
Now that you know whether or not you have a trainer you trust…consult with them about your current injury. Ask about options.

My Story: A couple years ago I herniated my L5 disc. I thought I was done. But I talked to my old trainer and booked some sessions to learn how I could stay moving, safely. WOW! I am so glad I did. None of the things I was given to do involved weight on my back. Kicking. Jumping or anything with my back unsupported. Was I sad about not being able to do what I loved? Yes. Did I get stronger and more stable in areas I didn’t even KNOW were lacking. OHHHH YES!

At Center-Fit: There are lots of regressions (easier versions) of moves we do.  If I know you are coming in and can’t stand, it’s pretty simple for me to incorporate moves that don’t involve using ‘that leg’.  Maybe you are nursing a bum shoulder.  You don’t HAVE to use that shoulder.  Right?  There are SO many other things you can do to keep your cardio vascular endurance and overall strength up.  You might want to book some personal training sessions to help you focus on areas you are having difficulty with… you have options.

Take home: use your injury as a time to carefully focus on what your body may need outside of exacerbating your existing injury.

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