Swing or Snatch? Which is better

This is a summary of an article PAVEL TSATSOULINE, STRONGFIRST CHAIRMAN you can read it entirety here.

  • Per rep, the snatch burns more fat than the swing.

  • Both exercises are equally effective in building power.
  • Both are equally effective in upper back development.
  • The swing is superior for posterior chain and midsection development and strength.
  • The snatch has an advantage over the swing in grip development.
  • The snatch demands great thoracic and shoulder mobility.

Provided mobility is not an issue and you are skilled in both, which one should you choose?

A good analogy is the barbell squat and deadlift. Both exercises work more or less the same muscle groups, yet each has its own edge. One can choose to do both to get the most benefits—at the expense of more complex programming. Or go minimalist, select one lift and polish it to perfection.

Swing, snatch, or both, you cannot go wrong.

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