This is something I really believe.  Each problem presents opportunity.  It’s all about perspective.  As you know I’ve got some health issues I am taking care of.  At first I was really nervous about how on earth I was going to be able to keep my promise to my clients (Good instruction, quality kettlebell classes, powerful kickboxing classes, etc..) Sure, Center-Fit is a great group and probably would have understood if I just took a week or two off, but that’s not what they signed up for.  The opportunity?

I have TWO more treats for the next couple Saturdays!

February 27th 9am Kettlebell

SPECIAL GUEST STEVE BRADFORD!!! (commence squeeling, clapping hands and jumping up and down)

Sliverback Kettle bells 20150512-63logo

For those of you who don’t know, Steve is the former owner of Center-Fit and a verifiable Kettlebell GEEK.  He is SFG1 certified and my personal Kettlebell hero!

March 5th 8 am BOOTCAMP class

SPECIAL GUEST KRIS LANKFORD(back row, baseball cap)

kris lankford bball

You’ve seen him kickin’ it in Combat, lifting in the weight room and generally being awesome.  Did you know he is also former Pro Baseball player?  Pitcher Catcher, in fact for the Minnesota Twins. Kris still plays with and helps local groups train. He knows his stuff and has agreed to take us through a little speed and agility bootcamp!

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