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  1. Discounted packages for Personal Training with Beth or Damien!
  2. NON MEMBERS: Any personal training package gives you 1 free month all access membership!
  3. Buy a full priced Personal Training Package and include a ‘significant OTHER’ for only $10 per session! Click the image to order PT sessions!  Just sign up for full price sessions and email / call / text to let us know who will be joining you for $10/session!

Silverback bells on the move!

Sliverback Kettle bells 20150512-53logo 

To make more space for our (unsupervised) play area for the kiddos we are moving the storage for Silverback Bells out of state.  What does this mean for YOU?  Get your bells NOW before BIG shipping costs ensue.  Shipped bells can double in cost or more as you pay per POUND to ship.  Order now and you simply pick-up from Center-Fit. Limited quantities!

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Today through January 9, 2016!

Although we ask for a 1 year commitment.  We never hold you hostage with your contract.  We want you to LOVE your Kettlebell/Bootcamp/GroupX experience enough to want to stay with us!  All memberships are 25% in honor of Christmas on the 25th!

CODE: Xmas25

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