On Wednesdays we talk about the deep stuff.  The ‘Why’ of health and fitness.  We all know WHY we should be healthy.  So, no.  Not that.  But the “why” of what stops us, why we give up and what keeps us going and why we succeed. Today’s post is all about starting over…again.

How many diets have you been on?  How many workout plans have you started. Re-started. Started again….one more time? Me too. Do you feel ashamed?  Are you upset at yourself for not ‘sticking with it’? For not being a better, more disciplined person? Me too. Well, at least I used to. At 53 I am beginning to get a glimpse at why we call older ladies “spunky”.  I think it’s because they have begun to understand how to not care. Not about life in general…but about things that truly don’t matter.  Like how “i didn’t stick with that one diet that one time…” !

Really, stop wasting time beating yourself up for life happening and you dealing with it. With our 5,000 Swing Challenge underway I hit a wall physically.  My body just needed a rest, then I had a big 3 days that required LOTS of prep.  I simply wasn’t able to film for a week. Ugh.  I hated it.  But I didn’t hate ME, or LIFE, or the other things that took precedence.  I fully loved that week and the things I was doing and STARTED AGAIN THIS WEEK.

Join me in starting over… as many times as you need.  FTW!

Special thanks to Maria and Jennifer for swinging with me!

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