Happy Saturday!  Along with a strong bout of WINTER, we’ve had several people out sick this week. Here is my gift to you.  My latest kettlebell complex. (Modify as needed)

A complex is just a bunch of moves strung together. Instructions below!

BEGIN: Warm-up, stretch and then activate (activate is in green)

WORK: You have BLOCKS of work that you will string together as follows:

  • BLOCK A – rest
  • BLOCK A+B – rest
  • BLOCK A+B+C – rest
  • BLOCK A+B+C+D – rest

SET BELL DOWN…. that’s right.  Try not to set your bell down until you have completed  the above sequence.

Go again.  Up to 20 min.  (You should be able to complete 2 times.)


  • WEIGHT – ONE BELL for the entire set.  Maybe you can squat 70 lbs with one bell, if you can’t put it over your head in volume (lots of reps), choose a different bell.
  • REPS – modify by adding MORE squats in BLOCK A (due to less weight) or LESS reps in BLOCK B (due to the amount of overhead work and cardio ability), etc..


  • BLOCK A – Goblet Squat – bell in front at chest, two handed grip, knees track over toes
  • BLOCK B – Right side: 1 swing followed by 1 high pull followed by 1 snatch FIVE TIMES.  Repeat on left.
  • BLOCK C- Single Leg Deadlift – contralateral means bell is in your RIGHT hand when you LEFT leg is on the floor. 5 on the right, then 5 on the left.
  • BLOCK D – Turkish Get-Up. Start with bell overhead and go down, then up.  Repeat other side.
  • In between BLOCKS hold bell at rack or over head to rest

Want to play but you don’t know the moves?  Book me for a few kettle bell personal trainings or come take some classes!

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