Back by popular demand! Our 6-week Lifestyle Challenge (with our partners in fitness Spark Fitness Culture, in Sandwich) was so well received.  We start a new round on MAY 8th!

Regular Center-Fit Members just need to pay the $25 program fee.  New members can sign up for a SUPER SWEET 2-month trial at 1/2 off (May & June) and we’ll also cover the cost of enrollment in this program!

This is NOT a weight loss challenge – although you will probably lose weight.  This is not a “How May Times A Day Can I Workout” challenge.  This is not a ‘Win Big Cash By Having Great Genes And Dropping More Weight Than Everyone Else” challenge.

These are KEY distinctions.  We want whole-life sustainable healthy habits to be what gets you to / keeps you at your goal weight or fitness level!  Check out our specials – fill out the form!  We start May 8th!

Your membership includes unlimited attendance at Center-Fit SMALL GROUP TRAINING classes!  Kettlebell, BootCamp, BodyCombat, Suspension Strap Training, kickboxing training spread throughout the week to ensure good cross training!

Click through to see our pricing.  Not sure – Take a look at what other places are charging for Small Group Training sessions with less qualified instructors.  This is not a special we will repeat!



Beth is a Certified Functional Strength Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Kettlebell Instructor (Hardstyle) and a Certified BodyCombat instructor! …and some say pretty fun 😉

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