10 H2H swings
10 swings heavy
6 doubles…
*If you don’t have a matching set of kettlebells for doubles, it is totally ok to use uneven kbells sizes. Switch bells each round to make it even. 🙂

BONUS….last set of 10 with something that is super challenging.
Try swinging a bell you haven’t swung before. Maybe doubles…or a basic swing.
= 166

HEALTHY EATING TIP: Cheat days or Cheat meals: Let’s get real. You MUST have a healthy eating plan in place, that you follow, in order to “cheat”. There are lots of things about ‘cheat’ meals we could talk about, but since for many of us, losing weight is a mental battle let’s talk about the mental/emotional benefits.

Depriving yourself can be a huge “I REALLY WANT IT” trigger, if you COULD have it, you might not even care about it. Allowing yourself permission to enjoy your food, to take joy in luxurious meals with friends or even by yourself is important, in moderation. It’s not the meal that gives you or proves your worth. It’s the reminder that you already ARE valuable and you CAN conquer whatever it is you need. …even weight loss.

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