FIRST: One set of 36 reps with moderate weight


10 double swings-heavy

10 H2H swings 6 swings…heaviest bell you got?

5 rounds =130


Check the pictures below! (No video today.)  Today we are talking about a GOOD swing. We are going to focus on 2 points.  Deep hip hinge and tall hardstyle plank at the top. Your body will fill in the rest.

When I am evaluating my own swing…and yours, here are some of the things I look for – apart from the pristine start and stop in silverback position.

  1. Consistency in the hip hinge.  Each one should have the same angles (see green lines on first 2 images.)
  2. Head position.  In image 2 I am hyperextending my neck.  There is really no need for that and if you have neck issues, it can get uncomfortable.  I also notice that it tends to pull me out of position after several swings like that.
  3. When at the top of the swing I am looking for a hard lock down and for the bell to be straight out in front.  I included an image (3) of the bell being a bit too high, in my opinion. (red line) On this note… Are you due to get tested for the next level?  The test is form and breathing based and EVEN IF you don’t pass, you will learn more about you and how to get the most out of your workouts!
  4. I also watch for a floppy bell on the downward phase. When the bell flops it yanks you forward.  You want to be in control of the bell, not have the bell be in control of you.

Swinging bells is a lot like a good relationship.  It’s about give and take throughout the swing. Hike the bell back, Push it forward with your glutes, then let the BELL determine the downward phase.  Follow it from the point of weightlessness, follow it as your forearms reach your belly, then hinge ‘after it’ (forward, but your hands follow the bell back deep as you hinge). Then you push again.  It’s smooth, powerful give and take, not jerky.

2015-09-10 15.08.39 2015-09-10 15.09.24 2015-09-10 15.11.49

ALSO. Double swings can be tough. Make sure you keep your chest up and step a bit wider than your basic swing stance. Make some room for both bells. Thumbs in/or a slight v w hands as you pass between your legs … drive your hips back farther than you think you should!


Wow, you are all the way at the bottom of the post!  Good job!

If what you should eat and in what portions or combinations are confusing to you a good place to start is with an app like “MyFitness Pal”.  It’s not the end all-be all and I think you will out grow it as you become smarter in your choices and more invested in your goals and the process of achieving them.

But for now. Check the app out. Enter your information and a MODERATE goal 🙂 Then start tracking WHAT you eat.  When you have a week or two worth of tracking in place, check your macronutrients.  What patterns do you see? This isn’t about tweaking.  It’s about tracking.  Look.  Really look at what you do on a regular basis.  Then we’ll make a plan to move you forward.

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