150= 6 sets of 25

16= 4×4 one arm swings

=166 total

(The last few days I have encouraged you to “go heavy” quite a bit.  So, if you feel the need (soreness) try a moderately heavy bell for this one.)

We’ve really been hitting positioning hard with this challenge as well as in our classes.

  1. Start in your “Silverback” position. (Yes, like the gorilla…only you are less hairy, have shorter arms and wear clothes)
  2. Hike the bell back DEEP between the legs
  3. Stand up TALL flexing (tightening, locking) your entire core.

EVERY swing should look like this.  If you start to crane your neck on decent or jut your chin at the top of your swing…if you start to get shallower and shallower in your hip hinge…if the bell flops or goes too high at the top of the swing… you will find yourself leaking energy. CREATE power by driving your hips FORWARD to a tall standing position.  This is about the relationship between loose (downward swing) and engaged (top of the swing) and building muscle memory. You simply CAN’T remember well something you don’t do well (or often)!

5000 swings in a month!  Let’s get ’em done!


Healthy eating tip.  Be very careful with meal replacement diets. It may be just me, but anything that helps me lose weight that isn’t sustainable also helps me gain weight when I no longer have that “thing” (shake, pill, etc…).  I haven’t built any good habits, haven’t needed to use my brain to figure out healthy eating with MY lifestyle, haven’t retrained my palette to crave whole foods and fresh natural flavorings.  I don’t have anything to go by as I continue on and bad habits are just hangin’ out, waiting for me to “come home”.


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