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Today’s swing scheme!
36 swings.
10×10 one arm swings (10 xs!) = 100
* challenge..See how many sets of one arm swings you can get before you have to put it down.
30 H2H walking swings (forward back!)

From Strongfirst Instructor, Jeff Sokol!  “At the top of the swing your butt should be eating your shorts, your knee caps should be pulled up, and your core should be extremely stable! I’ve found that focusing on these three things, keeps my swings really safe! Side note: my head position could be better. Working on it!! I heard the butt eating your shorts from the one and only, Brett Jones!” (


Our healthy eating tip for today is for the person in the relationship that DOESN’T need to lose weight, clean up their diet or make a lifestyle change.  BE PATIENT.  Everyone comes around to their solutions differently.  But hardly anyone comes to their solution as a result of well meaning ‘nagging’.  Your job may be the hardest.

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