How does burning 1200 calories an hour sound?
Kettlebells are a dynamic fitness tool that allow you to conquer much more in less time by blurring the lines between strength and cardio training.

Kettlebells will help you:

  • Develop strength and flexibility
  • Build an incredible cardiovascular system in minimal time
  • Drop fat and get lean
  • Prevent injuries to your back, knees and shoulders
  • Train anywhere, anytime

Kettlebell classes at Center-Fit are designed to help you build muscle and burn fat during intense drills and workouts. With small class sizes of only up to 15 people, you’ll quickly see the benefits of our personal group exercise experience. Our “Team Ranking” system will also help you stay on track with your goals and continue to push past your limits! (Participants can ‘test up’ at anytime.  They are required to maintain required form and biomechanical breathing throughout prescribed swings and lifts.)

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