Day 2: Sept 6th, 2015

10 doubles

10 swings

10 single rep swings

5rds=150 swings

Finish w 1 set of 16. Try something you haven’t swung for 16 reps before.

Watch your head positioning. You will see here in the first set of swings that my head is jutting forward a bit.  Keep a nice straight line from tail bone to crown! Remember to listen to your body.  Swinging more than your body is ready for isn’t bad ass, it’s just not smart! So swing, assess, change bells if needed then start in again!



Labor day is tomorrow. That means you are probably presented with a TON of foods you might not consider healthy or calorie conscious.

Today’s tip is 3-fold:

  1. Don’t ruin a good day with guilt! Eat, drink, enjoy family and friends.
  2. Make a re-entry plan!  What will you eat tomorrow? (Probably not left over jello-marshmallow pudding with M&M’s, right?!) Have lots of healthy choices on hand.
  3. Drink LOTS of water!

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