Here are some tips from Damien for getting the most work and best recovery out of your workout!

Prior to workout

Show up with time to mentally relax and tune in for the workout ahead and also to take part in the warm-up. The warm-up warms up the muscle and prepares them for the work ahead. A cold muscle is more susceptible to injury.

During workout

Hydration: A majority of people are dehydrated and don’t even know it. Not only should you drink water prior to your workout (like 24 hours!) but during because as your body sweats it loses electrolytes during an intense session. Good hydration has been proven to lessen delayed onset muscle soreness.

Exercise form: pay attention to “why” an exercise should be performed a certain way and then modify accordingly to you fitness level- ask your instructor if you are unsure. For example performing a push up incorrectly can be a pain in the neck (lead to cervical soreness) because leading the movement with your head will cause the muscles in that area to work harder than they should leading to soreness and injury.

After workout

Post workout stretch (static, or not bouncing): With your muscles warmed up it would be a good idea to work on static stretches to take muscles through a full range of motion. The worst thing you can do after a workout is neglect this part. The cool down is essential to addressing muscle soreness and prepping it them for the next session.

Fuel up: Right after your workout consume a protein/carb shake to start the recovery and repair process.

Hydration: Good hydration has been proven to lessen delayed onset muscle soreness.

Damien is a personal trainer and teaches Da’BootCamp at Center-Fit

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