Comebacks, baby!

You’ve heard it… “It’s not how many times you fall, it’s how many times you get back up.” I hate platitudes and sayings that roll off the tongue without much thought.  Don’t you?  So – let’s put some thought, and IRL experience behind this saying.  Because I can guarantee you, as long as there is success there will be failure.  As long as there is…

Kettlebell Complex Saturday!

Happy Saturday!  Along with a strong bout of WINTER, we’ve had several people out sick this week. Here is my gift to you.  My latest kettlebell complex. (Modify as needed) A complex is just a bunch of moves strung together. Instructions below! BEGIN: Warm-up, stretch and then activate (activate is in green) WORK: You have BLOCKS of work that you will string together as follows: BLOCK…

Make it fun and effective

That’s my goal.  Getting in shape should NOT feel like a chore. Each weekday morning at 9am I lead a class in either kettlebell, weight training, cardio or suspension straps.  We laugh, joke, make mistakes and work as hard as we can to make the experience fun and effective. Saturday class is at 8am.  Same rules. I am open to adding EVENING classes with 3…

Sustainability – the key to everything

HI!!!  You’re back!  That’s awesome.  Don’t worry about your hardcore “I am the master of EVERYTHING”  friends or your “I really just need to be told what to do” friends who didn’t make it to round two (this post).  If they are happy where they’re at, that’s super cool!  If you haven’t found that place of happiness with where you are… let’s keep going. We…

Beth’s Top 8 answers to “How do I choose a coach/trainer?”

Let’s just start with this.  I own a Kettlebell club.  I think training with kettlebells is awesome.  Unless you don’t like training with kettlebells.  In that case, let’s find something else that works for you. That is awesome! Guess what? There IS no perfect tool, workout, methodology to get you fit.  

1 Year Anniversary Sale

We are so happy to be celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary at Center-Fit! We’re not JUST a Hardstyle Kettlebell club! We also offer world renowned Les Mills group fitness.  Circuit trainings (BootCamp & Kickboxing) and a little Zumba! We have Personal Trainers concerned with your goals for strength, mobility and agility. See details and links below for sales specials.

Cancer, fitness and recovery.

Ugh.  The “C” word.  It strikes fear in the hearts of even the most brave!  Fortunately, I am not brave.  I just keep moving forward, maybe even oblivious to the gravity of the events at hand.  I call that a blessing! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of this year.