Beth’s Top 8 answers to “How do I choose a coach/trainer?”

Let’s just start with this.  I own a Kettlebell club.  I think training with kettlebells is awesome.  Unless you don’t like training with kettlebells.  In that case, let’s find something else that works for you. That is awesome! Guess what? There IS no perfect tool, workout, methodology to get you fit.  

Cancer, fitness and recovery.

Ugh.  The “C” word.  It strikes fear in the hearts of even the most brave!  Fortunately, I am not brave.  I just keep moving forward, maybe even oblivious to the gravity of the events at hand.  I call that a blessing! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of this year.  

Fighting fit = Life fit

Most people think one of two things when they think “gym” or “workout”. Big muscley guy grunting and sweating in front of the mirror while moving big pieces of iron up and down. Slender, feminine women jumping and barely sweating in a group fitness room with silly music and weak moves. LOL! Well, perhaps we have progressed a bit, right?!

Boxing Small Group Training!

Get up early and knock yourself out!  Sunday mornings 8am and Wednesday evenings 7:45pm. 8 sessions total. BOXING IS ONE OF THE MOST INTENSE WORKOUTS YOU CAN GET. Personal trainer, Damien Edmondson has lots of amateur boxing experience, even participating in the Golden Gloves competition! He stays current with his own boxing training and has several boxing clients.  Beth teaches BodyCombat and (previously) fitness boxing  as well…