New 6-week “Get It Together” Program!

Center-Fit is proud to announce a partnership with Spark Fitness Culture in Sandwich, Il!  Jake and I (Beth) have been “power buddies” for years and have finally decided to team up!  We created a 6-week ‘on-boarding’ process that is designed for just-where-you-are-at in your health journey!


Our 1 Year Anniversary celebration events were refreshing, invigorating and meaningful.  Not because of all the planning I put in, but because of the people in attendance!  This short, sweet note is to just say “thank you”.  Working out with new and old friends.  Meeting people in their ‘everyday’ clothes.  Letting our hair down. (Well, yours, not mine) Some of us even wore “girly shoes”!…

1 Year Anniversary Sale

We are so happy to be celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary at Center-Fit! We’re not JUST a Hardstyle Kettlebell club! We also offer world renowned Les Mills group fitness.  Circuit trainings (BootCamp & Kickboxing) and a little Zumba! We have Personal Trainers concerned with your goals for strength, mobility and agility. See details and links below for sales specials.

A fat girl doing yoga

I recently posted a Facebook video of a woman, significantly overweight -KILLING it at yoga. Everyone loves a success story! SO, I’m not one of those “body acceptance” people.  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be. What your body looks like is something YOU have to be happy with.  For me it is a non-issue.  I don’t NEED to be accepting of your body.  It’s yours.  Not mine. AND…

Whatcha doin’ with your kids this summer?

Parents!  I need your feedback! ASAP! Beth is cooking up an interactive obstacle course for kids!  Designed by kids (with Beth), built by kids and run by kids!  But wait… there’s more!  Once the course is built we will compete “Ninja warrior-style” with parents/guardian! This class is designed to help kids: take ownership of their fitness with easy to remember set up goals take others…