At Center-Fit in Plano, Illinois, (and now Sandwich, Il too!) we believe the formula for healthy living is simple: move right, eat right….and be consistent.  Not that achieving health is easy!  We don’t need to tell you that. It’s just that big fitness centers and fad diets seem to have overcomplicated things.

My small group personal training sessions are all about your individual goals; if you aren’t achieving them, chance are we aren’t doing our jobs. We don’t believe in busy work or just ‘burning calories’. Movement should be intentional to avoid wasted effort, burnout and injuries.

Achieving health isn’t about becoming a supermodel or running a marathon. We’d like to meet you right where you are in your fitness journey and create an environment that supports healthy living and smart fitness goals. If you’re looking to get out of your rut, change your routine or be challenged in new ways, look over our way!

Go ahead and check out the site, read about our small group trainings, safety instructions,  instructors and personal trainers.

We offer a $29 2-week risk free trial so you can try EVERY class you want before deciding whether or not to continue. Your first class is always free.


We’re not your ordinary gym,

which means you’ll see extraordinary results.

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