We are just about a week off from our original 30 days.  Illness, tiredness and other things kept me from filming when I wanted to.  It’s ok, tho.  Here we are back at it.  Feeling good.  Learning. Working on form, endurance and having fun.

Your swing scheme for today looks like this:

16 swings
50 h2h walking swings
40 swings
30 h2h walking swings
20 swings
10 h2h walking swings

Have fun and be sure to swing SUPER deep following the bell between your legs and hitting the top of your swing solid so you can take 2 steps on the upward phase.  If moving like this is too challenging, or it pulls you forward and you start to feel it in your back, just stay stationary.  You need a STRONG core and good form for this one.

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